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Janean Shedd
Program Facilitator

Janean has been working with students of varying age levels in a variety of settings for well over a decade! She has taught in outdoor education spaces and in public and private school settings (mostly in an outdoor environment). Whether it is in a classroom, in the woods, or in a parking lot, Janean is passionate about helping students learn more about themselves, and about connecting them to each other and the world around them.
Janean holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education with an additional certification in Early Childhood Ed., but most of her life experience comes with working with middle and high school students (including 5 years of teaching experience with Nature’s Classroom, and 3 years of teaching with The Walden Project-NY). She was able to spend several years as a long-term volunteer, mostly doing home repair in eastern Kentucky, and was also able to spend a year travel teaching in the southwestern USA. Her summers typically include backpacking, waterfall climbing, and farming.