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Program Information


By uniquely blending outdoor adventure and exploration with targeted social-emotional mentoring we help participants develop their self-confidence, self-awareness, and resilience, while forging an enduring connection to nature and exploration.

On all of our expeditions the outdoor adventure activities are structured to provide experiences that parallel, and support, social-emotional development by creating situations in which the targeted skills are relevant to the activity.

During each activity we capitalize on the power of small group dynamics and experiential learning to coach participants through physical and emotional challenges, and through post activity discussions we mentor them on the application targeted social-emotional skills in their daily lives.

Wilderness camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing, and ice climbing are a few activities we use for a variety of social-emotional skills.


Our program is structured as a three-tiered progression of week-long expeditions that, for those committed to the program, spans a three-year period. This multi-year approach provides interested youth a pathway for extended social-emotional mentoring and skill development, and builds sustainability into the organization.

Tier One: Daily Out & Back Adventures

A one-week summer program offering youth of any fitness level the opportunity to experience personal growth through outdoor adventure. Each day, participants will be introduced to a new outdoor activity that is specifically designed to reinforce the targeted social-emotional skill and build self-confidence.

Tier Two: Multi-Day Destination Adventures

A two-week summer and winter program for youth interested in progressing beyond tier one’s social-emotional mentoring. Tier Two participants will experience the personal growth that comes with epic point-to-point destination adventures. Participants must be physically capable of hiking 6-8 miles per day and willing to commit to two week-long expeditions.

Tier Three: Mentor in Training Adventures

A three-week capstone program for youth wishing to continue their personal growth and give back to their community by serving as a volunteer on Tier One and Tier Two expeditions. Participants completing this program will receive a certificate of accomplishment and be eligible to join us as an employee receiving pay and college stipends through Americorps.