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Individual Consultations

Private emotional intelligence assessment followed by a one-hour consultation session to discuss the assessment report and facilitate growth-minded discussions aimed at linking current life experiences to emotional intelligence competencies and improved life outcomes.

Social Emotional Learning topic based workshops

Facilitate a 2 hour, interactive workshop (for youth, families, or staff) that focuses on developing a clear understanding of what a given social-emotional skill is and how it applies to social, academic, professional, or family life.  These workshops are a great way to introduce emotional intelligence concepts, initiate conversations about challenging or unproductive behaviors, and encourage introspective thinking without delving into specific individual competencies. 

Target skill areas are established collaboratively with clients during the planning stages of the workshop.  A series of workshops can be delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to create in-depth, customized programs aligned to your specific development, scheduling and budgetary parameters.

EQ Assessment based workshops

Facilitate a fully customized workshop (for youth, families, or staff) that utilizes workbooks personalized for each participant to guide them through an interactive process of self-reflection, goal setting and action planning.  These workshops provide an effective way to merge elements of personal EQ consultations with group training to develop skills and simple processes that are relevant to, and immediately actionable towards,  situations participants are currently facing. 

Perhaps you want to equip your staff with more tools to address challenges in the workplace;  consider a workshop on navigating emotions or conflict resolution. 

Maybe you want to help students kick off a capstone project; think about a workshop on self-efficacy and goal setting. 

The possibilities are endless and we will collaborate with you to customize content.