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Kirsten Nagel

Kirsten is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast and has worked with youth in various capacities since 2003. As an avid skier, runner, hiker, and general lover of the outdoors, Kirsten understands the positive impact these activities can have on children (and on people in general!). Kirsten has a BA in Psychology and German (though Spanish is now her preferred second language!) from Middlebury College, and a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University at Buffalo. Significant time spent in a mountainous community of Honduras has provided Kirsten with some awesome opportunities to work with curriculum development and scholarship implementation. Internships centered around adventure-based therapy for challenging youth, and seven years of employment as a therapist for children, have given Kirsten ample experience with many different and unique populations of people. In her free time, Kirsten greatly enjoys running the trails of Upstate New York and the Boston area, and taking her infant son, Zeke, on wicked cool adventures.